Shake 641: Shake n’ bake

April 29, 2012

Bunny, Sydney (Australia), February 2012

The frequently asked question of late: where have I been? I’ve been sampling new food locations, toasting to birthdays and babies, spreading some good Easter chocolate cheer and just rugging up with hot chocolates on the couch. And snowdomes you ask? The investment of a whole Saturday arvo rearranging domes ensures my dome-home (shelves) will last at least another year! YAY! And I have a whole heap just waiting to be photographed. Too much to do, too little time.

Emma-D put me onto a fun discovery: a baking trend in the US yet to hit our shores – cake pops! Little decorative cakes on sticks – everything is better on a stick isn’t it? And while scrolling through a whole heap of creative baking from cake popstars on Bakerella, we discovered these awesome dome pops by Nadia.

Snow globe pop cakes by Nadia, courtesy of Bakerella

Have a shakin’ good week!


2 Responses to “Shake 641: Shake n’ bake”

  1. I enjoy seeing the many globes and domes you’ve collected – looking forward to new blog posts and photos. (Where have you been? as asked above.)
    When I couldn’t find the type of snow globes I wanted in my own collection, I decided to start making them. It took several years to figure out the technical aspects (no leaks! no bubbles!) but I’m having a blast now. While your goal was to post a dome a day, my goal is to make a snow globe per week. Hard to do sometimes!

  2. Doyle Air Says:

    HEY MIA!!!!!! How are you? Noona I miss you and Rick!
    I think its time for you to shake on your blog now ;)))))
    I just kicked off again hahaahah LOL
    Hope you are awesome!!!

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