Shake 630: Happy Boxing Day

December 26, 2011

Duncan, Texas (US), November 2011

The yellow rose of Texas

How cute are the purple boots and the armadillo?

I love this dome. There’s so much going on – roses, stars, boots and armadillos. If I had enough energy, I’d look up the meaning behind all these Texan icons, but the Christmas/birthday celebrations have left me a little exhausted! Hope you survived the eating-fest.

And the celebrations continue, happy birthday Ron!

Shake 615: LA-land

December 11, 2011

Mr La, Los Angeles (US), October 2011

I think Mr La was in his element in Los Angeles. With his name plastered all over the place, I’m sure he felt a special connection to the city. He was equally enamoured with this dome, so much so that I’m surprised he actually gave it to me!

Shelby & JM, California (US), July 2011

A date garden?

I love it when the WordPress heavens open and snow starts to fall on the blog! It’s a little at odds with our Sydney summer and this date palm orchard dome though. Every time I shake this one, I wonder what Shelby and Jean-Marc were doing sampling dates on the other side of the world…


Shake 598: Maple mascots

November 24, 2011

Cookie & Newfie, Otawa (Canada), July 2011

A moose, a bear and a beaver walk into a bar...

Now how cute are these Canadian mascots? Looks like the beaver won the battle with the moose and the bear. There is something just really beautiful about maple leaves.



Shake 592: A dog named Vegas

November 18, 2011

Duncan, Las Vegas (US), November 2011

Check out the fun flitter!

The iconic signage!

My first place away from home was a little shoebox in the heart of town. All my worldly belongings were just 3 steps away and I loved it. It was an old little building in a quiet cul-de-sac, and while I was enjoying the top floor (which really only had a view of the frequently naked tenants across the road), Erin and her white little terrier Vegas lived in an even smaller space on the ground floor. While Erin painted during the day, Vegas was the welcoming party at the always-open window next to the entrance. He never barked but was always excited to see the neighbours – I fell in love with him.

Ten years later and unexpectedly I ran into Erin last week… and just a year too late. Vegas’ window-loving ways came to an end last year. So this post is dedicated to my most favourite neighbour ever!

Shake 590: POTUS down under

November 16, 2011

Andy Zito, Washington DC (US), April 2011

It's gettin a little gritty in there...

Obama arrives to… convince us to side with hot dogs rather than noodles say the political commentators.

Shake 586: Alchemy

November 12, 2011

Dave F, Salt Lake (US), year?

My dad is as much of a coffee-lover as I am. In between golf and dabbling with computers, he hops around town picking up coffee beans to test from here and there. And once in a while, he’ll buy a special bag for me too. This week it was Coffee Alchemy‘s product. The taste test? I was really impressed. Their brew has a really smooth and well-rounded taste, with a hint of chocolate. I’ll have to go back for a 1kg bag, I’m loving it!

My first cup of home brewed Coffee Alchemy!

Shake 585: Cookie-Day

November 11, 2011

Cookie & Newfie, Newfoundland (Canada), July 2011

You gotta feel pretty happy about having a birthday on the 11/11. Happy birthday Cookie! Wonder what she’ll be doing at 11.11am?

With the added year, I hope you’ll also add many more aspirational moments, tasty treats and owl-inspired objects!

Mr La, Texas (US), October 2011

A Tex magnet

Those Americans love their maps huh?

Who goes all the way to Texas for a barbeque festival? Given the time, sounds like something that I’d do, but alas, it was not I. I’m just imagining the sound of sizzling while salivating at spit roasts. Thanks Mr La and TDL!

I had an early morning meeting but just had enough time to grab a cuppa. It was like a trip down memory lane – I was drinking GG about 10 years ago!

A cup of George Gregan coffee!

Andy Zito, New York (US), April 2011

Thanks to Ms Darlinghurst’s recommendation, we decided to visit 4143 at the James Barnes, a new gastro pub in the middle of Alexandria’s industrial estate. Puzzled as to how this sort of establishment would flourish within a quiet field of factories, we were a little disappointed to have our fears confirmed. You had more than enough choice for tables inside and outside for a Saturday night. We Sydneysiders are never happy are we? We complain when the crowd at the bar is 4 people deep and also complain when there aren’t enough people to create a buzz. Despite the quietness, the establishment is a good mix between a pub and a slick bar. Keeping part of the old brick facade, there is glass everywhere, including overhead which means you can still enjoy that last bit of evening light from the inside. The Spring menu is a little simpler than Ms Darlinghurst’s feast, but we’d still call it decent pub grub. With impending new apartments across the road, hopefully this beautiful space will make it til the throngs settle in. I’m definitely up for another visit, but finding a cab home isn’t such an easy task. Have to befriend those designated drivers!

Onto something completely different. I love the internet. I love that you can see beautiful things that you would have otherwise never been able to experience. I saw this inspiring visual feast today and thought you’d love it too. Thanks Sophie Windsor Clive.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

A cocktail at the 4143 at the James Barnes

The inside bar