Shake 565: Spring blues

October 22, 2011

Lea and Nat, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), May 2011

Dubai Aquarium

A pair of standing dolphins!

It finally feels like spring in Sydney so I had to feature something fun today. I love how they’ve aptly chosen blue flitter for this aquarium dome and a pair of dolphins that are always standing!

Today's arvo brew after a late start!


Andie, Sea of Galilee (Israel), Oct 2009

I am the unofficial Easter Bunny at our studio. After a years of hiding regular supermarket eggs, a couple of years back I found Kakawa in Darlinghurst. With award-winning Bilsons, Quay and Flying Fish on their resumes, this pair of talented chocolatiers create some pretty delicate art. And how does it taste? Really smooth and fresh! There are no preservatives in their treats, so with a shelf life of only 10 days, you are forced to get into them. Forced, I tell you.

I love how Easter is a mix of religious and pagan rituals. Some of us are fattening our souls while the rest of us are fattening our stomachs. I’m going to sit on the fence and appreciate the chiming bells while unwrapping my chocolate eggs.

Good Friday's on-the-fence, with Easter egg cuppa

Andie, Istanbul (Turkey), May 2009

My sisters are probably the top contributors of this collection (Jem is probably third in the running). So to avoid a month’s worth of posts featuring domes only from the sisters at the end of all this, I’ve decided to post sibling domes for the entire week.

I’ll start with this exotic one from Istanbul – I love the interesting hexagonal clay base and I think this is the only one I have from Turkey. Ooh, makes me want to get into some vine leaves and dips!