Deric, Manila (Philippines), 2010?

After being rapped over the knuckles, Deric finally found this gem with flitter made of fun multicoloured stars! Do we love? WE LOVE.

I managed to escape to a local cafe with my book this sunny arvo. My other current love is the Watchmen graphic series by Alan Moore. The detail in David Gibbons’ illustrations, let alone the illustration style itself is just so… wow.


Andie, Brussels (Belgium), Feb 2009

The colourful flowers on the base

For their 20th anniversary edition, Colors magazine compiled a collection of Collectors. This was the awesome little gift my lovely friend Cookie surprised me with on the weekend. 20 collectors, 108 pages, 111 photos, 11550 words and 147234 objects! And people think MY collection is weird. Check this out: a woman who collects her used tea bags, a man and his 600 handcuffs, 10000 banana labels, 2000 rolls of toilet paper, and wait for it, political memorabilia including a Bin Laden branded country stew! Now this obsessive nature is something I not only understand, but it seriously warms my heart. Wow, people like me! And when it has some hilarious quotes like ‘ordinary people usually think that we’re a little bit crazy, that we don’t have better things to do’, I have to admit, it’s moved up the ranks to become one of my favourite books.

Shake 221: Words

November 12, 2010

Claim your dome!

I read something beautiful today that just stuck in my head:

“For how can one know colour in perpetual green, and what good is warmth without cold to give it sweetness?”
John Steinbeck, Travels with Charlie: In Search of America, 1962

Thanks Newfie. This book is like a seasoned friend that has come to visit for afternoon tea.

Me, US, 2004

You read the title and thought I was talking about myself, didn’t you? Nay, not I.

If there was ever a godmother of snowdomes, it’s Washington’s Nancy McMichael. No question. She was so passionate about domes that she decided to find out everything about them, from their history and manufacturing process to the other obsessed people out there. In 1990, she even founded a collector’s club which produced Snowbiz, a quarterly newsletter. Imagine that! A newsletter!

I hate to have favourites, but I just love her book. Where is the snowdome you ask? It’s on the front cover! How beautiful is that?

The cover dome

Jo & Nat, Bangkok (Thailand), Jan 2009

I happened to run into my favourite jolly postman at the mailbox today.

While I juggled coffees in the lift, I managed to get a peek at the package he’d shoved under my arm – there was no mistaking Jo’s handwriting.

There are some people that come into your life and you know they’re here to stay. Jo and I got thrown together in our late teens and I just knew that I’d want her around for the next couple of decades…at least! It’s rare to find a friend that inspires you, is always dreaming both little and big and will religiously try every new chocolate bar that comes on the market… I’m not going to even mention her mammoth reading habit!

She’s fun, she’s cheeky, she’s a total romantic and… she sends fun packages like this COOL strangely macabre book with gorgeous illustrations. Thanks for the fun surprise today!! I loooooove this book.

I’m always really grateful for this friendship, and because we’re always having a laugh, we rarely say the things that count. So here it is Jo. You’re a bit spesh, ok?

The Glorious Nosebleed by Edward Gorey

"He disposed of the fragments Slyly"

"He fell off the pier Inadvertently"

My gawd. Made it with 5 mins to spare!