Bunny, Sydney (Australia), February 2012

The frequently asked question of late: where have I been? I’ve been sampling new food locations, toasting to birthdays and babies, spreading some good Easter chocolate cheer and just rugging up with hot chocolates on the couch. And snowdomes you ask? The investment of a whole Saturday arvo rearranging domes ensures my dome-home (shelves) will last at least another year! YAY! And I have a whole heap just waiting to be photographed. Too much to do, too little time.

Emma-D put me onto a fun discovery: a baking trend in the US yet to hit our shores – cake pops! Little decorative cakes on sticks – everything is better on a stick isn’t it? And while scrolling through a whole heap of creative baking from cake popstars on Bakerella, we discovered these awesome dome pops by Nadia.

Snow globe pop cakes by Nadia, courtesy of Bakerella

Have a shakin’ good week!

Shake 640: Shake-a-frame

February 19, 2012

Jess, Sydney (Australia), February 2012

There’s always an influx of Christmas domes in January and February. It makes Christmas seem to last just that little bit longer, love it! And for once, I took advantage of my extended festive break to finally tick off a couple of things on the to-do list. I FINALLY had my gorgeous Charlotte Farmer illustration framed! The added highlight was taking the artwork to the framers and watching their reaction as I shared my crazy 600+ obsession.

It’s finally up on the wall in all its glory!

Charlotte Farmer's 'Around the world in 20 snowglobes with Elvis in a gold suit'

Some of her artistry up close

Emma D, Sydney (Australia), January 2012

Just a couple more of these and I’ll be able to personalise my entire Christmas tree this year! Have an awesome week folks.

Shake 638: All aboard

January 26, 2012

The Love train, Sydney (Australia), January 2012

Santa drives this one

The last of the carriages

Our plan to catch up before Christmas failed, so it wasn’t until last week that my curmudgeonly old friend Dr Love slurped down our coffee while delivering my Christmas present, which incidentally, was really from his lovely wife. Dr Love would think at least four times before spending a dime on me.

Do you recall the amazing train dome I spotted last month, the one that almost justified theft? My jaw dropped when I unwrapped the gift to reveal the very same train. It’s a four-in-one dome! Good things certainly do come to those who wait… or should I say, don’t steal.

Shake 637: Mazia

January 21, 2012

Mosweg, Tasmania (Australia), January 2012

How gorgeous is the paving?

Happy new Year of the Dragon! It’s been a while huh? I have to admit that I had the odd moment of panic here and there before realising I don’t need to blog before midnight!

Onto more important things though – who wants Tasmania when you can have Tazmazia! All I can say is that if it’s anything like Wanaka’s Puzzling World, I’m sure it was a hit with the kids.

I love it when my sisters go dome-campaigning for me. I’m given these special gifts from people I’ve never met before and the other upside is that my sisters have to do the obligatory thankyou-coffee or drink on my behalf! I am loving this system. Thanks Mosweg, you know who to go for that thank you gesture!

I’ve been a little lazy with my camera over the break, but here’s a couple of happy snaps:

George, the beautiful resident peacock at one of the Hunter's wineries

Kamaji's odd sleeping habits

The delectable scampi entree at Ron's 40th celebrations at Muse

Shake 635: The end of 2011

December 31, 2011

Scrabble Girl, Sydney (Australia), December 2011

What comes to mind when you look back on your year? It was a year of many unfortunate natural disasters and it seems like the only thing that put a smile on faces was the Royal Wedding and the death of some infamous dictators. Although it was a year of buckling down for me, there were lots of little gold moments and many fun Friday cocktails. Thanks for tuning in and I hope 2012 is your best one yet!

Shake 634: Festive footy

December 30, 2011

Cookie & Newfie, Sydney (Australia), December 2011

How about a festive Bulldog?

How much does this make you laugh out loud? Who would ever think of mixing rugby and snowdomes, let alone festive rugby? Perplexing, very perplexing… but a great Christmas gift. Thanks C & N!

Shake 632: Snowdome plus

December 28, 2011

Virg, Coffs Harbour (Australia), November 2011?

We love a photo dome!

My friends have some keen eyes. Somehow they seem to find all manner of snowdome-celebrating products like cards, scratchies, garlands and even stationery. I did well this Christmas, especially with these 3D cards.

Thanks Lea, Lish and Wonks



Lea, Sydney (Australia), December 2011

Lea's handmade 'Kermia' figurine

When I was young, my friends nicknamed me Kermit. To be honest, I’m not really sure why; I’m not green or lanky and my rendition of Rainbow Connection isn’t too good. So I laughed heartily when Lea gave me this handmade dome – would you believe she actually had a pottery specialist make the little figurine she calls ‘Kermia’. It’s definitely a unique dome. Thanks Lea, I love it!

Merry Christmas all! And I hope you’ll shake a dome to celebrate my birthday!

Emski, Sydney (Australia), December 2011

It's a Momiji Message Doll Dome!

This message doll celebrates pets apparently

You may think I’m talking about celebrating my own birthday, but no, that’s tomorrow. It’s my sister’s birthday today and I don’t joke when I say it’s my other sister’s birthday on the 26th. Three of us, three days in a row. What were my parents celebrating in March you ask? I have no idea. Christmas just ends up being one super celebration.

I recently learned that every Momiji Message Doll comes with a secret little message paper hidden within it. This one was so secretly hidden in the base that I think even Emski missed it! Well, my message for today is happy birthday Andie!