Christmas in review

December 27, 2010

CIR: 2010, Dec 14 - 25

Thanks to all my Christmas contributors, you made this festive season extra special!

The week in review

December 5, 2010

WIR: 2010, Nov 29 – Dec 05

I love a summer Sunday arvo with a coupla bevvies! Can you get more Aussie than that?

For Wonkie, Kamaji says have a shakin' week! Well, he said that before he pounced on me

The week in review

November 28, 2010

WIR: 2010, Nov 22-28

This week’s equation:
Great weather = good light = snow dome photography
I caught up this week. Three shelves to go and the bulk of photography documentation is complete!

This week’s food highlight:
All you can eat mussels at Bungalow 8 on Tuesdays for $26.50!
Nothing like a bit of seafood by the water while the sun sets.

The week in review

November 22, 2010

WIR: 2010, Nov 15 - 21

The week in review

November 14, 2010

WIR: 2010, Nov 8-14

It was nice to be back and settling into the blogging routine without having to consider what time it was in Sydney. One afternoon with coffee in hand, I found myself just gazing over the collection from all over the world and it wasn’t until the cat began to whine for some attention that I realised how long I’d been sitting there.

Time flies when you start to remember travel stories – people met (like the man whose occupation was to teach dancing on cruises), the funny experiences (like getting to an airport a day early in South Africa) and the not so funny ones (like a violent little episode at a tent eatery in Seoul… more on that next time). Then my journey stopped short at this one: there was not a single dome to be found at the 3 shops within the British Museum in London. How odd is that?

Holiday in review

November 9, 2010

HIR: 2010, Oct 17 - Nov 7

I missed a couple of these while I was away, so I’ve rolled it all into one whopper!

The week in review

October 10, 2010

WIR: 2010, Oct 4 - 10

One week left and I pack my bags bound for the northern end of the world. And although I am looking forward to this trip with excitement, there has been one thing heavily weighing on my mind: am I going to finally fail this daily blogging after 6 months of success??

So today, with much determination I got down to the details. With itineraries, time zones and diagrams strewn around, I forged my game plan. I am ready. Nervous, but ready.

The daily blog across time zones plan!

...and of course I needed a coffee to figure it out

The week in review

October 3, 2010

WIR: 2010, Sep 27 - Oct 3

There’s always a million little things to do before you go on holidays and the work was still pouring in, so it wasn’t a leisurely stroll to the finish line as I had hoped. But I’m here, it’s Sunday and even this dreary weather can’t dampen my spirit!

As a final farewell, Chai just couldn’t help himself. Five sugars for the road!

Chai's final brew

The week in review

September 26, 2010

WIR: 2010, Sep 20 - 26

This week’s word: taxonomy

This week’s flavour: miso paste

This week’s lesson: stick to spirits and no wine and you’ll be fine

This week’s quote: “you know you’re old when at least one part of your body is hurting all the time” – my favourite curmudgeonly Dr Love.

The week in review

September 19, 2010

WIR: 2010, Sep 13 - 19

I went without internet for two nights this week and I was so shocked at how much I rely on it. There’s always a notebook permanently stationed on our coffee table, whenever I don’t know something, it’s straight to Wiki or Google and simply finding the whereabouts of this or the opening hours of that is just a quick search away. The amount of time I spend on the internet is probably equivalent to someone else’s tv time. So I was surprised by the withdrawal symptoms. I’m assuming everyone is like this though, right?