Shake 494: Competition

August 12, 2011

Shazi, Mauritius, year?

Large, flightless and fearless of humans – no wonder the dodo became extinct. They look like they would have been particularly tasty too, don’t you think? Speaking of tasty, a new cafe has opened just a few doors up from my local. There must be a little anxiety in the air because Walter (the owner of my local) was giving me sweet freebies all week! I really should milk this shouldn’t I?

Shake 302: Heated Egyptians

February 1, 2011

Claim your Sphinx or I will!

With Sydney weather melting us away this week and the Egyptian people currently fighting to oust their President, this snowdome seems very apt. This is a duplicate of Shake 56. I don’t know of too many who’ve been to Egypt, so I have a strange feeling that I purchased this for Mr Snowdomes a decade ago! If no one objects, I’m going to claim this Shake!

Shake 164: Boomerangs

September 16, 2010

Me/The Hubs, Egypt, 2000/2003

This snow dome’s journey: it was chosen by me on my trip down the Nile 10 years ago, then hopped on a plane to return Down Under, carefully wrapped up and sent over the sea to Mr Snowdomes (who claimed he was also collecting domes) in London, bounced around in a backpack through Europe and finally boarded a plane back to Sydney. It was then re-gifted back to me.

I am not a fan of re-gifting, but this dome has done some mileage!

Shazi, Hout Bay (South Africa), year

I’m sure I’ve missed the date Shazi. Happy birthday!

Shake 75: Dodo-dome

June 18, 2010

Me, Mauritius, 2005

It’s really sad when the water starts getting cloudy, especially when you have such fond memories tied to the dome. I fell in love with Mauritius – stunning beaches, breathtaking sunsets over the Indian Ocean and a perfect mix of cultures (French, Indian, Chinese and African) which means you’re surrounded by awesome food everywhere you turn! And you know how much I love food.

One of the most memorable things about the trip was a supposedly “medium” difficulty hike which had us wading through air seriously thick with mosquitoes (I must have swallowed at least a hundred) and hanging from tree branches over deep, rocky gorges without even signing a safety waiver. Just me, the Hubs and one over-enthusiastic guide. The waterfalls were so worth it, but explaining the dirt on our shoes at Aussie Customs was not.

I am off to the pub! I love Fridays.

Snowdomes, Cairo (Egypt), 2000

You’d never think Egypt would have snowdomes would you? Obviously in this hot, dry place there is an absence of snow, but there is plenty of sand and plenty of souveniers to keep the plentiful tourists happy. Although you are surrounded by tourists left, right and centre, there is no denying the worth of this country’s treasures and if you love history, this place is a MUST see at least once in your life.

The things I remember about this trip:

Within half an hour of arriving in Cairo, we were in a cab to see the sun set behind the Pyramids of Giza. Sailing down the fertile Nile. Sharing a bag of clothes after Lea’s bag was stolen on a train ride between Barcelona and Nice. The descent into the bowels of one of the Pyramids and standing in front of the Pharaoh’s tomb. The strange camel ride to an ancient monastery in the middle of the desert with a 360 degree view of sand and only sand. Prayers blasting from loudspeakers on the street at 5am each morning. The amazingly monstrous pillars at the Temple of Karnak. The Cairo tour guide who was in love with Lea. The best kebabs EVER that cost 50 cents. It always comes back to food.