Shake 426: Unclaimed

June 5, 2011

Jem... are these from you?

Hello Kitty bauble domes

A winter brew

So. Four hundred domes in and I’ve come to an unhappy realisation. Look at the ‘Claim your dome’ Category to the right of this post. There are over 100 sad, unclaimed wittle orphans. I have to conclude: you guys are just as bad at remembering your dome gifts as I am! Have a little browse through when you’ve got that ‘procrastinating’ feeling and see if you can recognise any.

Sunny winter Sunday coffees are the best!


Shake 363: Union

April 3, 2011

Claim your Hawaiian couple!

While we get a precious hour of extra sleep with the end of daylight savings (yay!), we also say goodbye to longer days and prepare for the colder ones (boo…). And although the weather has been preparing us for a while with rain and a little chill, the glorious sun came out for the first of our shorter days. Surely to celebrate Anna-Banana and Gav’s wedding down south. Congratulations guys!

On a lazy Sunday note, you may have noticed that I’ve given up on my ‘Week in Review’s. So here are a couple of moments from the last month instead.

The Hubs attempt to get a Hello Kitty soft toy for him, NOT me

Discovery of some beautiful snowdome illustrations by Charlotte Farmer,

Neighbour Paul’s freaky little friend that came to visit

Kamaji enjoying a patch of sun as the weather cools

...and today’s coffee!

Shake 195: Day 1

October 17, 2010

Me, Seoul (Korea), 2008

I’ll be in Seoul by nightfall just for a quick stop before heading to London. Day 1 of the holiday blog. Wish me luck!

Em, Vanuatu, Aug 2010

I was so sure I’d photographed the dome that celebrated Madeleine’s first trip to New York with Em at the ripe age of 1, but it’s disappeared into my black hole which also contains about 300 felt tip pens, at least 20 cardigans and 3 beanies. So Em’s Vanuatu dome will have to suffice and it’s a pretty cool substitute (by the way, I had a group of friends that returned from Vanuatu not long ago without a SINGLE dome – you know who you are).

Like the Hubs, Madeleine also loves Hello Kitty. So here are some more pics from our Tokyo trip that you both can drool over together.

Hello Kitty's house at Sanrio Puroland

Oversized Hello Kitty (that's the Hub's head cut out)

Hello Kitty and I in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Snowdomes, Tokyo (Japan), Dec 2007


After snowboarding in Niseko, the Hubs and I spent a week eating and drinking our way through Tokyo. I found this dome in a cuuuute store in the middle of Yoyogi Park next to Harajuku Station. It’s always hard when you’re travelling and you have to restrict yourself to one dome per location due to baggage restrictions, not sure how long I stood in front of the selection at the shop, it’s always a painful decision.

The things I remember about this trip: the owner of a tiny bar in Shinjuku dressed up as Dragonball-Z was in love with the Hubs, an opulent birthday meal at the top of the Lost in Translation hotel where it felt like you could see all of Tokyo and the super-fun miniscule yakitori bars in Pis Alley (sounds appetising doesn’t it).

After being dragged to Sanrio Puroland to meet Kitty herself, she basically followed us all around Tokyo.

HK in the flesh: a defining moment in the Hub's life

Believe it or not: a HK musical


Sake + yakitori in Pis Alley

Von & Andy, Japan, 2006

I don’t even know how to start this post, so I’ll just come out and say it. My husband loves Hello Kitty. I pride myself in knowing the Hubs inside-out, I can totally read him like a book and I call him a one layer onion because what you see is totally what you get. But this ONE thing, this strange connection with Hello Kitty completely bewilders me. And while I am dealing with this bewilderment, my friends are revelling in it and have no problem with loading him up with every Hello Kitty branded object they can find (you know who you are): he now eats off HK plates, drinks tea from HK cups, pops a little HK pez into his gob once in a while, cools himself down during those hot summer days with a HK fan and answers phone calls on a monstrously huge pink HK bumble bee telephone. Can it get any scarier?

Look at this dome. Have you ever felt happy and annoyed at the same time?