Scrabble Girl, Melbourne (Australia), January 2011

Fun flitter!

Something a little different today: tennis ball flitter! Reminds me of those pens that you turn upside down and the chick’s clothes slide off. Sorry, I’ll take it out of the gutter.

Today's sort-of-leaf, kind-of-heart brew



Shake 586: Alchemy

November 12, 2011

Dave F, Salt Lake (US), year?

My dad is as much of a coffee-lover as I am. In between golf and dabbling with computers, he hops around town picking up coffee beans to test from here and there. And once in a while, he’ll buy a special bag for me too. This week it was Coffee Alchemy‘s product. The taste test? I was really impressed. Their brew has a really smooth and well-rounded taste, with a hint of chocolate. I’ll have to go back for a 1kg bag, I’m loving it!

My first cup of home brewed Coffee Alchemy!

Mr La, Texas (US), October 2011

A Tex magnet

Those Americans love their maps huh?

Who goes all the way to Texas for a barbeque festival? Given the time, sounds like something that I’d do, but alas, it was not I. I’m just imagining the sound of sizzling while salivating at spit roasts. Thanks Mr La and TDL!

I had an early morning meeting but just had enough time to grab a cuppa. It was like a trip down memory lane – I was drinking GG about 10 years ago!

A cup of George Gregan coffee!

Emski, Vanuatu, August 2010

Time to celebrate! The natives are all returning home laden with new domes. Over a tasty Saturday morning yum-cha, I pocketed two from Deric and his exciting North American hops. And the race to 600 shakes continues.

Today's heavenly cup!

Shake 565: Spring blues

October 22, 2011

Lea and Nat, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), May 2011

Dubai Aquarium

A pair of standing dolphins!

It finally feels like spring in Sydney so I had to feature something fun today. I love how they’ve aptly chosen blue flitter for this aquarium dome and a pair of dolphins that are always standing!

Today's arvo brew after a late start!

Shake 546: Dome diversity?

October 3, 2011

Shelby & JM, San Francisco (US), July 2011

How fun is the packaging?

Pretty cute huh?

Who says domes can’t be political? How about a little celebration of gay marriage in front of City Hall? I didn’t think it was going to be possible to celebrate Harvey Milk on this blog! Shelby and JM were nearly bursting to give me this dome. While having the time of their lives in San Francisco with the very iconic Charles Phoenix as their tour guide (but that’s another story), I’m surprised they even had time for a little dome shopping.

If you’re excited about this dome, wait til you see its very beautiful partner that made me squeal with delight – I’m sure you’ve already guessed what the other one is celebrating!

We heart public holiday brews!

Shake 545: Life is short

October 2, 2011

Renes, Whitsunday (Australia), Jan 2011

And from the side

A big hug from me to the Wagga family today.

Today's wind-blown brew

Shelby & JM, Ballarat (Australia), 2010

I love the ladies in the background

Happy birthday Shelby! Sounds like you are having an americ-awesome time in New York.

Today's warming wonky brew


Shake 440: Singa-Sunday

June 19, 2011

Dave F, Singapore, year?

...and from the front!

...and a little closer!

If you think this looks a lot like another dome I’ve posted, you’re right. I have two of these. It’s so cute, I’m sure it’s a popular purchase.

Why Singapore? Because it’s a Sunday Singapore chilli crab day!

Today's warm winter brew! The grind was perfect today.

Claim your seascape dome!

Despite some dreary weather, I had a gorgeous sensory weekend on the south coast, staying at a house on a headland where all you could see was the ocean and it was all you could hear as well! What did we do? We drank our way through the Shoalhaven Wine Festival, sipped some fragrant tea in Berry paired with huge scones and managed to fit in a rainforest walk filled with the calls of those crazy lyre birds. The downer was the absence of any domes. And that’s a big downer.

I’d like to say a huge congratulations to my favourite cheeky barista Chai who won the ‘Best Latte Art’ category in the SMH Good Cafe Guide 2011. And here’s an example of some cups he’s made for us! You should have seen his Bin Laden coffee.

Some of Chai's award-winning art