The Drinking Buddy, Singapore, November 2011

The Singapore Flyer

I thought I’d be finished blogging the collection by Wednesday this week, but with a couple of new additions today, it looks like I’ll just make it to Christmas Eve. What timing!

Thanks Jess, I’m loving your business trips more than you are I think!


Shake 496: Jessica Rabbit

August 14, 2011

Jess, Singapore, 2010

I love all the little sights around the base

We had a frozen rabbit defrosting on our windowsill yesterday. It was a little hard to look at; the last time I had rabbit, I couldn’t stop thinking about Watership Down! But the Hubs transformed it into a beautiful meal of braised rabbit with olives and capers cooked in his large cast iron pot. I’m disappointed that I posted my one and only rabbit dome a couple of weeks ago! But today, we have other reasons to celebrate – happy birthday Jess!

Shake 440: Singa-Sunday

June 19, 2011

Dave F, Singapore, year?

...and from the front!

...and a little closer!

If you think this looks a lot like another dome I’ve posted, you’re right. I have two of these. It’s so cute, I’m sure it’s a popular purchase.

Why Singapore? Because it’s a Sunday Singapore chilli crab day!

Today's warm winter brew! The grind was perfect today.

Shake 417: TGIF

May 27, 2011

Jess, Singapore, March 2011

It’s drinks with my favourite drinking buddy! Happy Friday!

Shake 283: Experimental

January 13, 2011

Shazi, Singapore, year?

How to describe the Sydney Festival’s ‘Ghost Opera and a Chinese Home’? WEIRD… but wonderful! I love things that challenge me, and I found myself trying to comprehend and make sense of what was going on during the entire performance. It began with a huge bowl of water, a cymbal and a violin bow. I never knew such sounds were possible. Three violins and one cello (the Kronos Quartet) accompanied by the very talented Wu Man on the pipa (an ancient Chinese lute-like instrument), and two experimental works. For a brief moment there was something so much like a Mozart minuet and then suddenly the cupping of cymbals, the clickety-clack of stones, rustling of paper and exclamations of ‘yao!’ here and there. Any lyrics were few and far between, but when Wu Man sang, you forgot to breathe. In the second half, there was a strangely harmonious blend of music and beautiful vintage Chinese footage. Highly recommended if you like anything out of the ordinary.

Wow, this has got to be the earliest I’ve ever posted!

Shake 229: Hat trick

November 20, 2010

Jess, Singapore, Aug 2010

Ever since I had a couple of stern words with Jess, the domes have been flowing in! Who knew that a wee blog post could have such an effect? I’m certainly not complaining.

She was on a roll this week: baked some awesome scones, contributed two new domes and took me on a journey of delicious cocktails last night and it’s not even Christmas yet!

Shake 154: Merlion Monday

September 6, 2010

Claim your dome!

Me, Singapore, 2004

A six hour stop. Just enough time for to-die-for chilli crab by the coast washed down with Tiger beer.

Kent K? Singapore...

I thought I’d get away from the sleeting rain in Sydney, but Melbourne is looking just as dreary. I am so ready for a nap after today’s photo shoot – The Olsen Hotel is just so beautiful with his artwork everywhere you turn (and the best pillows ever… or was I just totally exhausted last night after the passionfruit martinis?).

So today’s dome: how cute is this? I feel like it’s going to fly away any second. Kent’s Singapore stint was very fruitful for the collection, but to be honest, I’m not sure if this one is from him!! Kent?