Shake 594: Eventful

November 20, 2011

Wonkie, Seoul (Korea) November 2011

Thanks hand model Em!

It’s been an eventful weekend that didn’t start out too positively, but we’re all good now! Phew. That age old saying is true: if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

On a more positive note, these pen domes seem like the latest craze. Wonks, where is this Piglet from?


Lea, Sydney (Australia), Xmas 2002

After hopping through Europe where the temperatures stayed at a cool, mist-blowing low, Seoul felt like a balmy holiday. Even though the locals were all tightly swaddled and the markets proudly flaunted their new season’s thick scarves and gloves, Mr Snowdomes was dressed in his usual light gear. At the coldest of times in Sydney, you’ll often see him sporting a t-shirt, much to the horror of my mother who thinks that just because she’s feeling the chill then everyone else must be as well. This sentiment was doubled in Seoul. It was like packs of my mother were following us around. On our first afternoon, we broke free from the comforts of our hotel into the cold, sunlit, bustling street and a group of older men, seemingly without occupation, were gaping at Mr Snowdomes’ bare arms. One of them shivered and began to animatedly declare that just looking at him made them feel cold after which I was instructed to make him rug up as well. It made me wonder whether this was for Mr Snowdomes’ benefit or for theirs. A couple of days later, we decided to hike up a nearby mountain (Yongmasan). Retired Koreans are notorious for being obsessed with health and exercise, so these were our climbing companions for the day. As we stood at the base of the mountain, mentally preparing ourselves for the ensuing challenge, my thoughts were disturbed by the chatter of a group of old ladies all staring at us without reservation. Their undisguised whispers were filled with shock and surprise for Mr Snowdomes’ supposed indecent exposure! Was Mr Snowdomes affected by their concerns? Not in the slightest. When he reaches Asia, it’s like he enters a magical Asian bubble where no evils exist; only the smell of slightly dodgy street food, sprawling nightlife and plenty of Hello Kitty.

Our last stop was an all-out party where responsibilities were thrown by the wayside. Amongst the hustle and bustle, the neon, the awesome food and the super-stylish, would you believe that I forgot to buy a dome?!

The University district's fire chicken, where the queue goes down the lane

Guess who is resting halfway up Yongmasan?

The Cat Cafe and bios of the cats you can pat

Enjoy a little coffee while patting

Terry, the fattest of them all, came 'round to say hello

Shake 214: Sunshine

November 5, 2010


Ron, Cardiff (Wales), year?


Made a quick stop in a ‘Cat Cafe’: level 6 in a building in the heart of Seoul’s Myeong-dong is a haven for about 20 cats and kittens. For a fee, they whip you up a coffee and you can play with the fuzzies. With so many warm nooks and crannies, and people with cat-lurve lounging on couches, I’ve never seen so many spoilt kitties! Only in Asia.

I can’t believe our luck this trip. With the exception of one drizzly arvo on our last day in London, we were lucky to have 3 weeks of cool, bright sunny days over 5 countries! Not bad huh?

Claim your dome!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but my gaaaawd Seoul is fun. We hiked up a mountain with all the oldies today (the base only 20 minutes on the subway) with a spectacular view of Seoul, fit in some winding down and relaxing in the nude baths (yes, nude baths) then grabbed some super-chilli chicken and drinks in the pumping university district.

I love how this place wakes up at about 4pm when all the stalls and little tent eateries start setting up and the hoardes of shoppers descend. It doesn’t matter what night, the city is alive (there are no school nights!) and the food is seriously good. The Hubs is already making plans to move here!

Shake 211: Big sleep

November 2, 2010

Me, Thailand, 2008

Wow, after a 14 hour sleep, I am ready to eat, shop and party in Seoul!

Shake 195: Day 1

October 17, 2010

Me, Seoul (Korea), 2008

I’ll be in Seoul by nightfall just for a quick stop before heading to London. Day 1 of the holiday blog. Wish me luck!

Peter B, Seoul (Korea), 2000

We were so fortunate to be wined and dined by some old friends last night. Nothing beats the cold like a little bubbling Chinese hot pot, but their spread made our attempts seem so basic. While ours usually has some vegetables and a fish ball here and there, the menu included quail eggs, the softest sheets of beef, juicy dumplings and finally noodles that had soaked up all the soupy goodness.

The night was topped off by gifts-for-no-reason other than ‘we saw this and it reminded us of you’.

I’ll leave the gift I received for another post, but here is what the Hubs gleefully unwrapped. For those of you not familiar with Korean instant noodles, Shin Ramen is the highest selling brand in Korea and is hugely popular in most Asian countries.

When he pulled off the wrapping paper, we couldn’t hide our delight. We thought it was the biggest Shin Ramen bowl we’d ever seen, but in a surprising plot twist, it unveiled itself as none other than a tissue box holder! Were we impressed? Absolutely!

Now, considering how much I love snowdomes and Mr Snowdomes loves all things Hello Kitty and kitsch, you must be wondering what sort of state our house is in. I will say no more.

The biggest Shin Ramen bowl you've ever seen?

Or a tissue holder?

Me, Seoul (South Korea), Jan 2008

It was a fun trip of awesome food, crazy bar-hopping and fun people. I’m keen to go back!

WOO HOO! Made it through the week!

Snowdomes, Seoul (Sth Korea), Jan 2008

Nice eh?

Me. At the Coex Mall in Seoul.

What a day.