Shake 583: Oishii

November 9, 2011

Jem, Kyoto (Japan), August 2011

And just maybe a pen holder as well!

I read today that Japan is considered one of the top eating destinations in the world. The yakitori, the seafood, the udon, the sake… I could go on for ages. Basically, I concur!


Shake 181: Taste testing

October 3, 2010

Jeff, Osaka (Japan), Feb 2010

Our favourite cocktail connoisseur, LL Wine and Dine’s Ricky was good enough to give us a sneak peek and taste of one of his yet unnamed cocktail soon to be featured on his new summer menu. Let’s just say it’s adventurous, green and has a bit of summer heat! We LOVE. Are you ready for a little Summer? I certainly am. Come and join me for a couple because…. I am officially on holiday!