Shake 633: Wearable domes

December 29, 2011

Emski, London (UK), year?

With silver star flitter

How can you not love a bit of snowdome fashion? From perfume to jewellery, looks like every designer wants to have a go. I’d totally forgotten about this fun Paul Smith top in my drawer until Em reminded me. Apologies for the bad photography, I had no one around to model it for me!



Shake 602: Mon-dome

November 28, 2011

Andy Zito, London (UK), April 2011

Big Ben


Shake 577: Thurs-dome

November 3, 2011

Andy Zito, London (UK), April 2011

Because Andy loves a name plaque

Thanks for the Italian birthday card Jeffro. It’s not my birthday.

Shake 563: London moments

October 20, 2011

Andy Zito, London (UK), April 2011

I remember the crisp air and tastiest little Monmouth coffee at Borough Markets in London last October. Miss you Clive!

Shake 551: Pop a tablet

October 8, 2011

Andy Zito, London (UK), April 2011

I saw my blog for the first time on an iPad2 last night and it looked so different to the web and iPhone versions, it was fantastic! Makes me want to go out and get one. I heart WordPress!

Shake 523: Nearing the end

September 10, 2011

Andy Zito, London (UK), Apr 2011

Tower Bridge

After taking stock of my dome shelf ecosystem, I made an amazing discovery. It looks like I only have about 60 days left, so my daily dome could be done just in time to celebrate Movember! And do I have a dome for that or what?

I really have to thank Andy for his gift in April which prolonged this little project for a month!

My current loves: all things rollerskating (anyone remember Xanadu?) and LL Wine and Dine’s ginger and lychee martini. Thanks Chris!

Today's wonky brew!

Andy Zito, London (UK), April 2011

I couldn’t post any other dome today even if I tried – like I was going to be struck down with 7 years of bad luck if I didn’t post a British one! This is the first of the vintage domes donated by Andy Zito. How cool is this Beefeater?

Now, how about some tiaras and tequilas? Maybe just the tequila.

Me, London (UK), Oct 2010

If you cast your mind back, I blogged about a £650 dome we saw in London’s Tate Modern gift shop late last year. I was so overwhelmed by the price tag that the somewhat familiar artist’s name faded into the background. For some strange reason that I can’t even begin to explain, it all clicked together today!

These domes were created by none other than Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz, famous for their dystopian landscapes. These were two in a larger collection of snowdomes called ‘Travelers’ featuring dark, eerie frozen landscapes. What I would give to own one of these! I think my favourite is the Traveler that murders someone with a rock. Is that bad?

Travelers, 2001-2007, Installation view at PPOW Gallery, New York, 2003

Traveler 257 at Night, 2008

Traveler 132 at Night, 2004

The Well, 2004

Traveler 156 at Night, 2005

Images courtesy of


Shake 313: The top deck

February 12, 2011

Claim your double-decker magnet!

I love how snowdomes celebrate icons. My first ride on one of London’s double-decker buses was but a couple of months ago and it was a truly beautiful way to see the city. It was the day after Halloween, so the sights were plentiful as all-night revellers dressed as witches and ghouls began to spill out onto the crowded streets.

Thanks Clive, you made London super-fun!

Claim your bobby!*

It’s a historic day for the Hubs. Today, his most prized possession in his teens, his 21 year old Amiga (plus it’s accompanying zillions of 3.5 inch floppies) left him for another home. But while a battle raged inside me between Nostalgic-Domer and De-Geeking-Domer (not to mention Space-Saving-Domer), the Hubs seemed happily content. Why? He’d spent a good week ensuring his PC could emulate the whole experience AND the system was going to a special collector’s home. We heart collectors.

On a more musical note – how was my first Sydney Festival event for the year? FANTASTIC. Hanggai. A group specialising in modernised Mongolian folk music. Think traditional Chinese music mixed with progressive rock. Crazy but FUN!

* A huge, massive, ridiculously gigantic thank you to Em who saved me from posting an already posted dome today! I haven’t been keeping a close eye on my blogged and unblogged sections.