Ben & Emmanuelle, Florence (Italy), 2010

I love a little flourish

While you celebrate the first day of a new year, I hope you’ll also celebrate the end of my 636 day project with me. Yes, I’ve finally blogged every snowdome that I own! Through changing seasons, through sickness and in health and through numerous time zones across the globe, it was a daily project for 20 months. I can’t believe I finally got here. I can still remember that cold Easter day in my pyjamas when I embarked on this project!

What next you ask? No, I won’t stop collecting, but the daily posts will obviously come to an end. I won’t pretend that I’m not a little relieved; dashing home from the pub in the initial days was annoying. So I’ll be posting once I receive new additions to the collection.

A ridiculously huge thanks to every contributor – I hope you had a day or a couple of special days celebrated on the blog. Thanks to all the religious daily followers – you really made it worth it. And finally, thanks to the Hubs who has not only put up with the space-demanding collection, but the constant need for additional toys like lenses, tripods and the ever-changing storage!

Here is a look back on the year’s Shakes.

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Shake 624: Before midnight

December 20, 2011

Glendalicious, Ravello (Italy), October 2011

I love how every side looks like a different dome


Shake 616: Festive birthdays

December 12, 2011

Shiney, Sicily (Italy), July 2011

That's volcano smoke by the way... it sort of looks like a brain...

How fun is the base?

Happy birthday Shiney!

Shake 606: Ligurian luxury

December 2, 2011

Glendalicious, Riviera Ligure (Italy), October 2011

The view from the back

How gorgeous is the little city that comes with it?

Glendalicious knows how to live it up. Her little journey to the Italian Riviera was filled with great food, good-looking men and a generous tan. Gotta love that.

Glendalicious, Pienza (Italy), October 2011

...and the other side

I was eagerly awaiting Glendalicious’ return. After 6 weeks of hopping around the Italian coast and dropping into Paris with her girlfriend, I was sure she’d return with more than just a Prada bag and a tan. And I was right. She proudly presented me with four snowdomes! However, her attempts to explain that there was some divine influence on her fantastic trip fell on deaf ears. When two hot girls are travelling together, there’s no surprise when there’s an upgrade to business class, and some guy they just happen to meet gets them up to the top of the Eiffel Tower without waiting the 2 hour queue; not to mention a string of other fortunate events. Divine? Seriously? Having said that, if you bring back four domes, I’ll let you think whatever the hell you want to think!

Shake 555: Leaning

October 12, 2011

Andy Zito, Pisa (Italy), April 2011

I’m leaning toward… REST.

Simon & Skye, Rome (Italy), July 2011

Thanks for the little message beneath the base guys!

This dome gets a big tick from me! How beautiful is the classic ornate base? I also love how it came to me via a messenger (thanks Shiney!) from mates living in London that I haven’t seen for years. Thanks Simon and Skye, wish you could have seen how surprised I was!

I can’t believe how fast time is flying; my memories of September are a little bit of a blur, but here are some special moments. Happy October folks!

A bit of Berkelouw drinking among the books...

The tray of crazy Japanese lollies from Osaka (thanks Jem)...

How about a little Old Fart beer?

...or are you more of a Sheepshagger?

Don’t forget to put those clocks forward tonight!

Shake 518: Box of surprises

September 5, 2011

Claim your Venetian bridge!

I know I’ve told you that the Hubs like to cook, but have I told you he loves to pack my lunch as well (yes, I KNOW I’m lucky)? For some strange unknown reason, he gets a little thrill out of it. Sometimes he even leaves a note on the door to remind me in the morning. I love opening up the lunchbox and finding what seems like an almost mathematically arranged bento box-style meal. Cracks me up. It’s a little joy on a drab Monday.

Shake 492: Duomo di Milano

August 10, 2011

Claim your Milan cathedral!

The largest cathedral in Italy


Claim your Venetian dome!

Everyone knows when you backpack, you live on a shoestring. Lea and I had no choice when we travelled to Europe ten years ago; the Aussie dollar bought you very little (about 30 pence)! We treated ourselves one evening in Venice to a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in a spectacular cathedral right beside Piazza San Marco. Prior to the performance, I thought it would be wise to hop to the WC which was located in the neighbouring hotel. It was clear that this was no hostel and was one of the best bathrooms I’d seen on this trip. Was there anything that would ‘accidently’ fall into my pocket that we’d find useful later? Tissues. Tissues are always handy. So I reached in and pulled out half the box. Still enough left for everyone else. I even felt a little proud of my restraint! Sitting back in the pew, it was Lea’s turn for the bathroom. She returned with a gleeful look on her face while she pulled out the other half of the box of tissues from her pocket!