Ben & Emmanuelle, Florence (Italy), 2010

I love a little flourish

While you celebrate the first day of a new year, I hope you’ll also celebrate the end of my 636 day project with me. Yes, I’ve finally blogged every snowdome that I own! Through changing seasons, through sickness and in health and through numerous time zones across the globe, it was a daily project for 20 months. I can’t believe I finally got here. I can still remember that cold Easter day in my pyjamas when I embarked on this project!

What next you ask? No, I won’t stop collecting, but the daily posts will obviously come to an end. I won’t pretend that I’m not a little relieved; dashing home from the pub in the initial days was annoying. So I’ll be posting once I receive new additions to the collection.

A ridiculously huge thanks to every contributor – I hope you had a day or a couple of special days celebrated on the blog. Thanks to all the religious daily followers – you really made it worth it. And finally, thanks to the Hubs who has not only put up with the space-demanding collection, but the constant need for additional toys like lenses, tripods and the ever-changing storage!

Here is a look back on the year’s Shakes.

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Shake 311: Keats’ truth

February 10, 2011

Lea, Florence (Italy), 2000

Isn’t this a sad situation? A decade ago, this dome was sitting in a little store in Florence, happy and full of jelly goodness. Not a word of English was spoken by the sales lady, but she excitedly demonstrated that if you tapped the top of the dome, the three coloured balls would bounce all over the place. I was seriously in love! Unfortunately, its bounce ended when it met a child’s curious little fingers. Even so, this dome has some beautiful memories tied to it.