Shake 640: Shake-a-frame

February 19, 2012

Jess, Sydney (Australia), February 2012

There’s always an influx of Christmas domes in January and February. It makes Christmas seem to last just that little bit longer, love it! And for once, I took advantage of my extended festive break to finally tick off a couple of things on the to-do list. I FINALLY had my gorgeous Charlotte Farmer illustration framed! The added highlight was taking the artwork to the framers and watching their reaction as I shared my crazy 600+ obsession.

It’s finally up on the wall in all its glory!

Charlotte Farmer's 'Around the world in 20 snowglobes with Elvis in a gold suit'

Some of her artistry up close


Andie, Greenwich (UK), July 2010

I’m not really sure how, but a couple of months back I discovered Charlotte Farmer, an artist from the UK. I instantly fell in love with her illustrative style and as I perused her work, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I found her snowdome prints and dome tea towels! It was not long before I was planning my next birthday gift from the Hubs. And this birthday-in-June gift (titled Around the world in 20 snowglobes with Elvis in a gold suit) arrived today! Should I call it 6 months early or 6 months late? Apologies for my bad i-pic, I’ll take a better one when there’s better light.

It is SO BEAUTIFUL with little goldleaf bits! I can’t wait to get it framed and up on the wall. Thanks Charlotte, I LOVE it!

The Hubs’ quote: “You’re so happy you look like you’re in pain!”

Thanks for holding it up Hubs!

Shake 363: Union

April 3, 2011

Claim your Hawaiian couple!

While we get a precious hour of extra sleep with the end of daylight savings (yay!), we also say goodbye to longer days and prepare for the colder ones (boo…). And although the weather has been preparing us for a while with rain and a little chill, the glorious sun came out for the first of our shorter days. Surely to celebrate Anna-Banana and Gav’s wedding down south. Congratulations guys!

On a lazy Sunday note, you may have noticed that I’ve given up on my ‘Week in Review’s. So here are a couple of moments from the last month instead.

The Hubs attempt to get a Hello Kitty soft toy for him, NOT me

Discovery of some beautiful snowdome illustrations by Charlotte Farmer,

Neighbour Paul’s freaky little friend that came to visit

Kamaji enjoying a patch of sun as the weather cools

...and today’s coffee!