Shake 627: Temple of Heaven

December 23, 2011

The Drinking Buddy, Beijing (China), November 2011

The "Temple of Heaven"

It was a good year for Chinese domes, mainly due to my Drinking Buddy becoming head legal counsel for Asia Pacific. Thanks Jess.

Clink those glasses to the end of the work year, bottoms up! We deserve it!


The Drinking Buddy, Beijing (China), July 2011

Up against the wall?

I know you’ve heard me harp on about how difficult it is to get a hold of domes celebrating China even though almost all of the world’s domes are manufactured there (oh the irony!). My frustration was doubled when my mate’s Great Wall of China dome was confiscated by airport security. So you’ll understand why I nearly cried when my Drinking Buddy presented me with this one. My first Great Wall dome at last.

My Drinking Buddy just loves to embarrass me in every social situation, but I have to say, this dome might just make up for all her past sins!