Shake 640: Shake-a-frame

February 19, 2012

Jess, Sydney (Australia), February 2012

There’s always an influx of Christmas domes in January and February. It makes Christmas seem to last just that little bit longer, love it! And for once, I took advantage of my extended festive break to finally tick off a couple of things on the to-do list. I FINALLY had my gorgeous Charlotte Farmer illustration framed! The added highlight was taking the artwork to the framers and watching their reaction as I shared my crazy 600+ obsession.

It’s finally up on the wall in all its glory!

Charlotte Farmer's 'Around the world in 20 snowglobes with Elvis in a gold suit'

Some of her artistry up close


Claim your Northern Territory dome!

I love the orange and red hues of this dome; it reminds me so much of the bright, unique orange dirt you find all over the Northern Territory. I don’t know who gave me this one, but you did good!

John Kaldor, art patron and businessman said ‘collecting art is like a drug’. Take out the word ‘art’, and I am in love with his quote even more! I finally managed to see the most valuable gift ever given to an Australian gallery today. The Art Gallery of NSW converted their storage space (2 levels down) to exhibit John Kaldor’s family collection. And it takes on a special dimension as you view the likes of Christo, Sol LeWitt and Jeff Coons because you know each piece has been handpicked by this one man. I particularly loved Thomas Demand’s photography of paper recreations (even the friendly art minder didn’t want me to walk away thinking they were just photos of leaves). Demand created leaves from paper and photographed them in various lighting conditions.

The diversity within this $35 million collection – painting, photography, sculpture, light and video, just serves to magnify your respect for Kaldor’s open-minded vision. A worthy little excursion for when the weather turns!