Shake 631: Nearing the end

December 27, 2011

Me, Picton (NZ), July 2011

Shake 630: Happy Boxing Day

December 26, 2011

Duncan, Texas (US), November 2011

The yellow rose of Texas

How cute are the purple boots and the armadillo?

I love this dome. There’s so much going on – roses, stars, boots and armadillos. If I had enough energy, I’d look up the meaning behind all these Texan icons, but the Christmas/birthday celebrations have left me a little exhausted! Hope you survived the eating-fest.

And the celebrations continue, happy birthday Ron!

Lea, Sydney (Australia), December 2011

Lea's handmade 'Kermia' figurine

When I was young, my friends nicknamed me Kermit. To be honest, I’m not really sure why; I’m not green or lanky and my rendition of Rainbow Connection isn’t too good. So I laughed heartily when Lea gave me this handmade dome – would you believe she actually had a pottery specialist make the little figurine she calls ‘Kermia’. It’s definitely a unique dome. Thanks Lea, I love it!

Merry Christmas all! And I hope you’ll shake a dome to celebrate my birthday!

Emski, Sydney (Australia), December 2011

It's a Momiji Message Doll Dome!

This message doll celebrates pets apparently

You may think I’m talking about celebrating my own birthday, but no, that’s tomorrow. It’s my sister’s birthday today and I don’t joke when I say it’s my other sister’s birthday on the 26th. Three of us, three days in a row. What were my parents celebrating in March you ask? I have no idea. Christmas just ends up being one super celebration.

I recently learned that every Momiji Message Doll comes with a secret little message paper hidden within it. This one was so secretly hidden in the base that I think even Emski missed it! Well, my message for today is happy birthday Andie!


Shake 627: Temple of Heaven

December 23, 2011

The Drinking Buddy, Beijing (China), November 2011

The "Temple of Heaven"

It was a good year for Chinese domes, mainly due to my Drinking Buddy becoming head legal counsel for Asia Pacific. Thanks Jess.

Clink those glasses to the end of the work year, bottoms up! We deserve it!

Shake 626: Three more sleeps

December 22, 2011

Glendalicious, Sydney (Australia), December 2011

Surprise! It's also a stamp

What an awesome time of year. While the festivities begin, all the birthday domes start rollin’ in! Check out this fun that also includes a reindeer stamp. Time to stamp our work exit passes – one day left. YAY!



Shake 625: It’s nuts

December 21, 2011

Me, The Macadamia Castle (Australia), 2003

How cute is the lady bug?

In the middle of nowhere, on a freeway in northern NSW, there’s a place called the Macadamia Castle. As you would expect, you can play mini-golf there (??) and buy little knick-knacks like this frog-celebrating dome. Nothing seems to make sense in this strange kitsch place!



Shake 624: Before midnight

December 20, 2011

Glendalicious, Ravello (Italy), October 2011

I love how every side looks like a different dome


Shake 623: Sydney sun please

December 19, 2011

Cookie, Newfie, Ben & Amy, Gold Coast (Australia), August 2011

What sort of summer is this? You know the storms are bad when you come home and the cat is like a slow moving rug – he’s so scared he creeps low to the ground. We need a bit of Gold Coast sun!


Claim your ring dome!

The water has evaporated out of this one just leaving the star flitter

Aromatic smoked duck, melt-in-your-mouth braised beef and heavenly mango prawns. The celebrations toward Christmas are just as good as the day itself. Thanks for the amazing meal Von and Andy!