Shake 609: A non-morning person

December 5, 2011

Me, Gold Coast (Australia), July 2011

My last trip to Queensland was for a jam-packed day of photoshoots in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. To fit it all in, I was required to present myself at the airport at 5am. As I scanned the seats at the boarding gate for the one that looked most like a bed, I noticed a SEA of suited business people almost giddy with energy. Who ARE all these people catching planes at 5 in the morning and seemingly indifferent about it? And as luck would have it, I was wedged in between two of these suits who chose to type on their laptops all the way to Brisbane while I attempted to snore loudly. There has to be a rule about no more than one laptop per row, seriously. Don’t you love how non-morning people have so much contempt for early risers?

Rather than the sun and sand of the Gold Coast, this shake just reminds of the thousands of people taking flights at the crack of dawn each week and makes me grateful for my usual late starts!


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