Shake 608: Jelly days

December 4, 2011

Claim your jelly dome filled with sharks!

Recovering from a stomach bug has left me a little out of action lately, so it feels like a droopy jelly dome day.

Here are a couple of examples of why it’s bad to stay indoors for too long:

You paint the magnet your mother gave you so it looks a bit more like you and the Hubs...

You hassle the cat for entertainment so he tries to get out of your reach...

Let’s hope for a healthy December with some warmer weather eh?


2 Responses to “Shake 608: Jelly days”

  1. prettyprettyyumyum Says:

    Aw that is so cute, I love how you painted blond hair on the magnet : )
    Hope you are feeling back to 100 per cent soon. xx

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