Shake 600: SHAKE 600!

November 26, 2011

Me, Hobart (Tasmania), August 2008

We're pretty proud of our little devil

Sound the trumpets. Pop the good champagne. We’ve arrived! And at the same time I can’t believe I actually made it. It’s a milestone – not just that I own 600 snowdomes, but I’ve actually been blogging for 600 days straight! Did you hear that? 600 DAYS STRAIGHT!

Now you might think this is all very well for me to congratulate myself for my fine effort, but what’s in it for you? Basically nothing. If you’re a true friend, you’ll buy ME a drink right? RIGHT?

This is one of the rare domes that I’ve actually inserted a photo into. Sorry for the blur, but that’s me and Mr Snowdomes celebrating our first anniversary in Tassie.

Thanks for taking this journey with me folks, particularly those who stayed on board for the entire 600!


7 Responses to “Shake 600: SHAKE 600!”

  1. Cookie Says:

    Yay!! Congratulations! I have loved waiting for every shake to come up! Looking forward to another 600!!! Next time we get together, first drink on me!xo

  2. Emski Says:

    congratulations lovey!

  3. Glendalicious Says:

    can’t believe the consistency for a whole 600 consecutive days! Well done luv.

  4. Weets Says:

    Happy sexcentennial! I goggled the name of a 600th anniversary just for you! xx

  5. prettyprettyyumyum Says:

    Happy times!!! Great work, particularly the blogging for 600 days straight part, wowsers!!!! 😀

  6. snowdomes Says:

    Thanks folks, let’s just say it’s been fun and challenging at the same time!

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