Shake 580: A hidden treasure

November 6, 2011

Andy Zito, New York (US), April 2011

Thanks to Ms Darlinghurst’s recommendation, we decided to visit 4143 at the James Barnes, a new gastro pub in the middle of Alexandria’s industrial estate. Puzzled as to how this sort of establishment would flourish within a quiet field of factories, we were a little disappointed to have our fears confirmed. You had more than enough choice for tables inside and outside for a Saturday night. We Sydneysiders are never happy are we? We complain when the crowd at the bar is 4 people deep and also complain when there aren’t enough people to create a buzz. Despite the quietness, the establishment is a good mix between a pub and a slick bar. Keeping part of the old brick facade, there is glass everywhere, including overhead which means you can still enjoy that last bit of evening light from the inside. The Spring menu is a little simpler than Ms Darlinghurst’s feast, but we’d still call it decent pub grub. With impending new apartments across the road, hopefully this beautiful space will make it til the throngs settle in. I’m definitely up for another visit, but finding a cab home isn’t such an easy task. Have to befriend those designated drivers!

Onto something completely different. I love the internet. I love that you can see beautiful things that you would have otherwise never been able to experience. I saw this inspiring visual feast today and thought you’d love it too. Thanks Sophie Windsor Clive.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

A cocktail at the 4143 at the James Barnes

The inside bar


2 Responses to “Shake 580: A hidden treasure”

  1. Glad you had a good time! I must get back to try the new menu. Hope they still have the burger!!

    xxMs D

  2. snowdomes Says:

    Luckily they did! But the roast beets n beans and the butter brussel sprouts with pancetta were nowhere to be seen. When I say ‘simpler’, it was a LOT simpler – I think their lack of clientele is forcing some cost cutting which is a pity because it’s a beautiful space!

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