Shake 573: Lessons from Mum

October 30, 2011

Andy Zito, Chicago (US), April 2011

Whenever anyone finds out that I am of Korean descent, their next question is whether I can cook Korean food and with some embarrassment, my answer is no, followed by my inability to cook anything except instant noodles! My mum is an amazing cook, but instead of learning her secrets, my sisters and I were only interested in the feast at the end. So this weekend, the family decided to celebrate the International Food Festival in our own way with a Korean cuisine masterclass from our very own mother!

Everyone knows that Korean food is a chilli and garlic-fest, but it was fun to learn about all the other ingredients that add to the richness like dried kelp and fermented soybean paste. The masterclass consisted of a spinach side dish, soybean paste stew and mum’s special soy chilli chicken wings. Tips? The right ingredients are important and try to preserve their colour, you have to be good at multi-tasking, and owning a floral maxi-skirt is every Korean woman’s right of passage! Mum was sporting a beauty on Saturday.

Sounds like the next masterclass will include snapper and soy beef ribs. I’m excited!

Then it was onto a creative cocktail evening with the Hubs making his famous martinis and we just had enough energy to drag ourselves out to the Harbour for the Opera House oyster and champagne tasting in the sun today (Tassie’s Bruny Island oysters were the winner).

It was fun-filled-foodie weekend. Now it’s time to diet.

Dried kelp for the stew stock

The spinach side dish

Our fermented soybean stew in a stone pot

The rich soy chilli chicken

A bit of Mum's chopping technique

And finally some delectable oysters at the Opera House

Ps Let me know if you want recipes, the Hubs furiously documented it all!


One Response to “Shake 573: Lessons from Mum”

  1. Cookie Says:

    I want in on the next masterclass!! Cocktails were super delicious!

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