Shake 534: Inukshuk

September 21, 2011

Cookie & Newfie, Canada, Jul 2011

Inukshuk - "the stone man that points the way"

There are few domes I’m given where I’m intrigued. What the hell is that? Did anyone else think a stone Wicker Man (and I’m talking about the 1973 horror flick not that shocking remake)? It’s a stone landmark built by the Inuit people and used for navigation. How beautiful is it? It’s such an iconic symbol that it was used as the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 emblem.

Thanks Cookie and Newfie, your domes are always surprising!


2 Responses to “Shake 534: Inukshuk”

  1. prettyprettyyumyum Says:

    It’s such a cool one! Oh Canada

  2. snowdomes Says:

    Yep I’m pretty proud of this one! Cookie, which part of Canada was this from?

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