Shake 503: A pretty cup of cake

August 21, 2011

Pocket Steve, Devon (UK), 2002

...unfortunately a little cracked!

Everyone knows I’m not good at cooking, but I spent my Sunday learning the art of cupcake decoration. Impressed? However, instead of paying close attention, I found myself more interested in sampling the icing and longing for a cup of tea. A couple of hours of kneading, rolling, colouring and piping later, here are the results! It’s hard to perfect, let alone make presentable. I have a new appreciation for this delicate art. If you want an introductory dabble, check out The Essential Ingredient at Rozelle.

One more thing – I totally forgot to mention that I was given my first Great Wall of China dome! My shelf of un-photographed domes is filling up, better pull that macro lens out soon.

Flower creation at The Essential Ingredient

The finished products!


5 Responses to “Shake 503: A pretty cup of cake”

  1. fatimasiddiqi Says:

    Scrumptious and beautifully decorated.=)

  2. Emski Says:

    OMG lovey spectacular!!!

  3. prettyprettyyumyum Says:

    They are adorable! I love the pink and red flowers with the white frosting.
    I can’t believe you have a “Devon Cream Tea” snow dome! Keyoooooot!

  4. I love this snow done and the cupcakes are pretty impressive! But is there actually any cake underneath all that icing???

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