Shake 476: Snow in Christchurch

July 25, 2011

Claim your little kiwi!

Apologies for the lack of commentary! Wow, internet is super-expensive here, but let’s not dwell on the negative because there are an abundance of positives! What have I been up to? While enjoying the food and nightlife of Queenstown, we found our way to both Coronet Peak and the Remarkables. After boarding for 5 years, I tried skiing for the first time and I just have to say, I was on the go after just one lesson. It seemed a lot easier and maybe it had something to do with already understanding how edges work. Luck was on our side, it was bright sunny days for the whole week – perfect skiing conditions!

We farewelled the slopes and started our South Island road trip. First stop, the little town of Franz Josef not far from the very famous glacier. After a ridiculously jaw-dropping helicopter ride, we were standing on what Maori legend call the frozen tears of a girl who lost her lover from the peaks. I can’t even describe it, it’s like nothing I’ve seen before and particularly breathtaking with a recent blanket of snow. When we saw a huge chunk of ice suddenly fall from a cliff face, I reminded myself this was living thing and remembered reading that a couple had ventured too close a couple of years ago and were killed by some falling ice. After a couple of hours of hiking, crawling through ice caves, shimmying across with ropes and sliding on our butts, we saw but a fraction of this beautiful natural phenomenon.

Driving around, you might as well not put your camera away! This place is just so stunning with its never-ending snow-capped mountains and serene still lakes, the Hubs and I are trying to work out how to live here… but the internet issue is concerning us!

We’ve covered many kilometres through mountains, including some needing snow chains, and we find ourselves in quaint Christchurch. I’ve only managed 3 domes so far, so wish me luck!


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