Shake 460: Christmas in July week drinking

July 9, 2011

Claim your cork dome!

I am really loving this small bar trend in Sydney, it’s really changing our city. The Hubs and I checked out two newbies in our neck of the woods and even though they were literally across the road from each other, they were worlds apart. Freaky Tiki’s world is filled with plastic flowers, tropical fruit, toy skeletons and colourful lanterns in what used to be the old Newtown Hotel. The cocktails are decidedly tiki-inspired, my choice (The Zombie) adorned with pineapple pieces and umbrellas matches the decor but is a little at odds with the extremely low level of lighting. It’s a fun idea though and surprisingly served up by the Keystone group who are behind the Gazebos and Sugarmill.

Across the road is Corridor. Both levels in this terrace live up to the name with that definite narrow corridor-feel. A lot less noisy that its tiki-neighbour, the second level has that home-like vibe with artwork gracing the walls and beautiful old chesterfield couches. The Hubs was surprised to find White Rabbit on tap, but was disappointed to report that the bottled version is streets ahead. He returned from the bar with a Rosetta for me – a sumptuous cocktail that was something like a tea-inspired martini with passionfruit. A definite winner.

We were interested in seeing how this small bar culture was going to effect the grunge of Newtown, and judging from these offerings, it looks like a warm welcome reception from the locals.


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