Shake 448: The dome ecosystem

June 27, 2011

Ron, Segovia (Spain), 2006

If there's a Segovia snowdome, then there's no excuse for every small town!

Every month or so, there’s a little shuffling job that needs to be done. Not long after starting the blog, I realised that putting faith in my memory was not such a good idea, so I divided the domes on the shelves into 3 categories: blogged, photography but un-blogged and the not yet photographed ones. So as each month passes, the balance shifts in this little dome ecosystem, the blogged domes grow and the photographed/un-blogged domes reduce.

As I shuffled them on the weekend, I was amazed by how many I’d blogged and how few there were left. Here is the current status. Not long left now!

The dome ecosystem


3 Responses to “Shake 448: The dome ecosystem”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wowsers, there’s barely a snowdome left unphotographed!
    Love your organised system. 😀

  2. […] more thing – I totally forgot to mention that I was given my first Great Wall of China dome! My shelf of un-photographed domes is filling up, better pull that macro lens out soon. Flower creation at The Essential Ingredient […]

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