Shake 442: Not a square to spare

June 21, 2011

Claim your Venetian dome!

Everyone knows when you backpack, you live on a shoestring. Lea and I had no choice when we travelled to Europe ten years ago; the Aussie dollar bought you very little (about 30 pence)! We treated ourselves one evening in Venice to a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in a spectacular cathedral right beside Piazza San Marco. Prior to the performance, I thought it would be wise to hop to the WC which was located in the neighbouring hotel. It was clear that this was no hostel and was one of the best bathrooms I’d seen on this trip. Was there anything that would ‘accidently’ fall into my pocket that we’d find useful later? Tissues. Tissues are always handy. So I reached in and pulled out half the box. Still enough left for everyone else. I even felt a little proud of my restraint! Sitting back in the pew, it was Lea’s turn for the bathroom. She returned with a gleeful look on her face while she pulled out the other half of the box of tissues from her pocket!


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