Shake 430: There’s no place like home

June 9, 2011

Dad, Jindabyne (Australia), Mar 2011

Christmas in June?

We braved the cold last night to check out the gorgeous lights around the Quay as part of Vivid Sydney. For a super chilly Wednesday night, the harbour was pumping with people all rugged up in their scarves and beanies, some warming their hands with a hot chocolate while others were cradling their red wines. The art projections at the beautiful Customs House are seriously worth it, even on a freezing night! Lights go out 13 June, so don’t miss it.

Vivid Sydney light sculptures at the Sydney Opera House

Changing light sculptures at the Opera House

Customs House art projections

After 3 months away, the folks are finally home. Mmm… looking forward to tucking into Mum’s food!


5 Responses to “Shake 430: There’s no place like home”

  1. joy Says:

    the opera house is so beautiful, especially the one with the changing lights. i visited Australia once when i was way younger. 😛 i loved it there. i wish i could visit again sometime.

    i relocated my blog to tumblr, by the way. 🙂

  2. snowdomes Says:

    Sydney is definitely a beautiful city, particularly in Summer when all the festivals happen, so make sure you time your next visit well!
    Will keep an eye on the blog Joy.

  3. CFL Says:

    shouldn’t this entry be titled “There’s no place like DOME?”

    Enjoying your blog, keep it up.

  4. Wow the lights look amazing! I miss Sydney, I really do!!!

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