Shake 429: FAQs

June 8, 2011

Deric, Sydney (Australia) 2002

Eeyore says... positive!

Time to answer questions I get all the time!

  1. Which is your favourite snowdome?
    I love them ALL! No, I’m really serious.
  2. Do you buy domes online?
    No. I love that a dome represents an experience someone had somewhere. Every single one of them has either been purchased when I went somewhere or just experienced something new. The rest of them have all been gifts from friends also seeing the world!
  3. Where do you put them all?
    It’s been an ever changing project. They’re currently in glass-fronted shelves, displayed in all their glory in the dining room.
  4. What are you photographing them with?
    I’ve got a regular digital Canon EOS 400D and invested in an awesome Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens.
  5. Will you ever stop collecting? (my mother’s question)
    NO mum.
  6. Are you really making those coffees featured on the blog?
    Yesiree. I’m not a barista, but I’m just as obsessed with coffee as I am with domes (well, almost). It’s a semi-pro machine called the Diadema Junior Plus combined with a Mini Mazza grinder.
  7. Do domes require maintenance?
    Sadly they do. Light affects the liquid and depending on how many impurities there are, they can become hazy over the years or even gather some nasty gunk. If you need more information, Andy Zito is your man.
  8. Do you trade domes?
    Of course I love all things kitsch, but the domes also represent some beautiful moments I want to keep, so that’s a NO. But are you making an offer?
  9. What if I give you the same dome as one you already have?
    I’m glad with whatever I can get! Even though it might be same, your experience was most definitely totally different. Check out my Aligator/Crocodome.
  10. How does your hubby feel about this obsession?
    He gave me my first one. He shares some responsibility. Love at first dome?
  11. What will you do when you’ve blogged them all?
    Maybe have a huge party? At this rate, I will have blogged the entire collection by Christmas. From that point, I’ll have to change the title of the blog to ‘A dome a day-ish’ and will only post when I get new ones. No more rush to blog before midnight. Ah won’t that be nice.

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