Shake 426: Unclaimed

June 5, 2011

Jem... are these from you?

Hello Kitty bauble domes

A winter brew

So. Four hundred domes in and I’ve come to an unhappy realisation. Look at the ‘Claim your dome’ Category to the right of this post. There are over 100 sad, unclaimed wittle orphans. I have to conclude: you guys are just as bad at remembering your dome gifts as I am! Have a little browse through when you’ve got that ‘procrastinating’ feeling and see if you can recognise any.

Sunny winter Sunday coffees are the best!


3 Responses to “Shake 426: Unclaimed”

  1. Do these Hello Kitty bauble domes really belong to you or to the hubs???

  2. I think it’s actually the Hubs who is smuggling in Hello Kitty gear through your snowdome collection! Isn’t in suspicious that these baubles are unclaimed? Next will come the Hello Kitty thermos snowdome, hahaha!

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