Shake 405: Snap happy

May 15, 2011

Shazi & Ansh, Sydney (Australia), year?

And their shadows on the other side

I used to live in a house with perfect direct and diffused overhead light. It made snowdome photography super easy even on those overcast days. My current living situation, though quaint and gorgeous, means I need to be a little smarter and I need bright sunny days. The problem is that on a beautiful day, much like today, being inside seems a little wrong, especially when you feel like you need to work off a couple of those Justin North’s burgers you happily devoured last night (his Wagyu burger is fantastic and parmesan truffle fries a little bit of fun)! The Hubs’ bad cold was a blessing in disguise. It meant I was housebound with fantastic lighting conditions. I have finally photographed 99% of the collection. YAY! And it also means I rediscovered some domes I forgot I had! Like this one from two high school friends – this side shows their shadows and the other has a beautiful photo of them both! Thanks gals, this is a really special one.


One Response to “Shake 405: Snap happy”

  1. Emski Says:

    Seriously? Parmesan truffle FRIES???? just closed up shop – I’m off!

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