Shake 399: The colour of collecting

May 9, 2011

Andie, Brussels (Belgium), Feb 2009

The colourful flowers on the base

For their 20th anniversary edition, Colors magazine compiled a collection of Collectors. This was the awesome little gift my lovely friend Cookie surprised me with on the weekend. 20 collectors, 108 pages, 111 photos, 11550 words and 147234 objects! And people think MY collection is weird. Check this out: a woman who collects her used tea bags, a man and his 600 handcuffs, 10000 banana labels, 2000 rolls of toilet paper, and wait for it, political memorabilia including a Bin Laden branded country stew! Now this obsessive nature is something I not only understand, but it seriously warms my heart. Wow, people like me! And when it has some hilarious quotes like ‘ordinary people usually think that we’re a little bit crazy, that we don’t have better things to do’, I have to admit, it’s moved up the ranks to become one of my favourite books.


One Response to “Shake 399: The colour of collecting”

  1. My childhood sticker and stamp collection seems rather humble compared to what some of these collectors collect! I wouldn’t mind the bakelite jewellery or the Converse shoes but there are a few other collections that make me feel abit uneasy!

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