Shake 392: Paperless

May 2, 2011

Claim your San Fran bridge dome!

You buy the paper these days and its already old news. This morning it was all about Mubarak’s lost family and the fashion at Australia’s television awards. Then you log on and discover that the world has moved onto a Bin Laden-less existence while you were reading about the perils of childcare on the front page. The newspaper is becoming increasingly redundant except of course for those avid paper hoarders and the man with the arm-patch jacket doing the crosswords at the bar each week. I wonder how many geeky Americans saved and stashed away an electronic file of their newsfeed announcing Bin Laden’s death?


One Response to “Shake 392: Paperless”

  1. I miss the weekend SMH. I’ll take any papers people are throwing out, even the out-dated ones!

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