Shake 386: Our Scrabble Girl is worth more than 4

April 26, 2011

Claim your New York dome!

I’m mad about food, but I don’t cook. That role and grocery-gathering is not just filled, but gleefully snatched up by Mr Snowdomes in our household, much to my relief but my conservative mother’s shock. There’s something about timing, quantities and so many variables that just don’t agree with me. But one thing that is a mystery to us both is the art of baking. Having said that, we decided to start with something simple – a scrabble piece cake for our beloved Scrabble Girl’s birthday (whose name starts with a V).

The lessons: know your oven, cakes dry a little when they cool, cooling takes AGES so leave plenty of time, a crumb coat is an awesome idea, the Viva paper towel trick didn’t work for us and I have no idea why (shed some light anyone?) and watch more youtube baking videos.

The result: a chocolate cake with vanilla icing, a Lindt ‘V’ and black icing writing.

Not bad for some novice bakers? Well, at least Scrabble Girl was impressed! It might have to be PopCap Bejeweled cake next year, she’s moved on.

The 'V' Scrabble piece cake

Happy birthday Scrabble Girl!


7 Responses to “Shake 386: Our Scrabble Girl is worth more than 4”

  1. scrabble girl Says:

    awesome post! thanks mrs & mr snowdomes, you made an unforgettable mark with your very sweet and thoughtful gift! love u guys!

  2. wonks Says:

    WHOA! that is all radness!! 🙂

  3. Emski Says:

    Seriously impressed! M wants another Princess Castle Cake this year – how you guys fixed?

  4. prettyprettyyumyum Says:

    That is such a cool cake! You call yourself baking novices?!?!?

  5. This is the best (and only) V cake I have ever seen! Impressive!

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