Shake 384: Easter adversaries

April 24, 2011

Eeza, Rome (Italy), year?

This Pope just cracks me up

The week preceding Easter, there’s always an email battle among the family about my mother-in-law’s Sunday Easter Egg Hunt. The trumpet sounds and the lines are drawn. Who’ll be on top of their game? Who’ll be too hungover to be a worthy adversary at all? Who’ll bring those extra weapons and ultimately, who’ll find the most eggs? Despite the absence of any kids under the age of 25, the whole gang is in with their swords drawn. This year, the Weets team were armed with special felt egg-collecting baskets and a hilarious panda hat to distract us all. We foolishly all sat back when rumour spread through the ranks that Shelby would not be fit to compete after a Saturday night gig, sly strategy indeed. She not only turned up bright eyed and bushy tailed but crowned herself the undefeated Egg Hunter AGAIN… third year in a row. Maybe my strategy for next year should be to form a conglomerate. Hats off to Renes, the hiding spots were tricky indeed this year! Who would’ve thought to look in the ice cube trays?

The day isn’t even out and I’ve had my fill of homemade hot cross buns (thanks Weets) and homemade rocky road eggs (thanks Jo)! The Pope says happy Easter everyone.


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