Shake 374: It’s Christmas in April

April 14, 2011

Des, Sydney (Australia), 2000

I am so excited, I’m not sure where to start. This story has a prequel, so bear with me.

Those of you who know me may remember that back in 2002, I was ridiculously excited about a snowdome exhibition at the Don Bank Museum in North Sydney. You may have guessed, but dome exhibitions aren’t common in Sydney and it’s the only one I’ve ever been to. While my collection was still in its infancy and of the contemporary kind, the domes on display were generally of the gorgeous vintage variety.

Now turn the clock forward to a couple of weeks ago. My 5,000+ dome connoisseur friend Andy from LA contacted me with the exciting news that he was currently negotiating to buy a collection from a woman living in Sydney. He was only interested in a portion of this potential score and kindly offered the remainder to me if the sale was successful! I was thrilled to my fingertips and finally the day came to claim my treasure. When I met with the lovely woman tonight, she was none other than the North Sydney exhibitor! A couple of birds could have made a home for themselves, my mouth was agape for so long. This donation has suddenly taken on a new meaning. I am so excited to be the proud owner of 35 vintage domes, but at the same time, there’s a strange sense of fate here!

Thanks Andy and Linda. I think you’ve just made my year… and it’s only April!

Here’s a quick (bad photo) peek:

The vintage 'newbies'


2 Responses to “Shake 374: It’s Christmas in April”

  1. Caesar Wong Says:

    I’m glad you’re so excited about another month’s worth of blogging. Hahahahaha…

  2. snowdomes Says:

    Ha! You will not dampen my spirit (with reality), no siree!!

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