Shake 362: Dot your Js and cross your Ts

April 2, 2011

Me, Perisher (Australia), 2006

Put your hand up if you hate J and T-bars? Australia’s slopes have heaps of them, and when you’re a novice snowboarder, these transporting mechanisms used in lieu of a chairlift are your worst nightmare. It seems to be even harder for boarders than skiers – keeping your balance while being pulled up a mountain sideways is extremely challenging!

Early on in my boarding history, the Hubs and I found ourselves with only the T-bar option. I held onto him for dear life, and after 3 attempts where I kept falling off within 3 metres from take-off, he decided I should give it a go alone. Let’s just say, the solo ride was not a success either. With my bruised butt and no pride left to speak of, a guy waiting in line confidently strode up and volunteered his services. With impeccable balance, he not only whisked me up to the top, but then had a stern word with the Hubs for leaving me alone. I was bruised, embarrassed as well as super-sheepish. Not my best day and unfortunately it’s the memory tied to this Shake!


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