Shake 350: The Operation

March 21, 2011

Emski, Sydney (Australia), year?

About a month ago, I mentioned an Airport Snowdome Rescue Operation (rescuing the multitude of domes confiscated at airport security scans). Although you may have doubted whether I would actually embark on this mission, I proudly did make one small step on this journey, although it brought the idea to an immediate end.

Call me crazy (as many have called me before), but I contacted Sydney Airport in a hope of somehow rescuing these confiscated domes. Sadly, their professional, succinct response cited Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005. Goods are placed in locked containers, apparently inaccessible to security staff and are lawfully destroyed at regular intervals (I added the ‘apparently’ for you Caesar, I hope you noticed). Ah, disappointment! Surprisingly not even one poke at my crazy request though, but I’m sure they had a good chuckle. The Hubs says I should stop here or ‘they’ll’ come after us.

Hope you stayed dry today!


2 Responses to “Shake 350: The Operation”

  1. Caesar Says:

    LOL. I’m sure they get asked about the stuff all the time, although probably not about snowdomes…

  2. Emski Says:

    Geez I don’t remember this one… maybe the same year as the Pirate one? I think thats the only time I’ve been to the Aquarium!

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