Shake 349: The wrong time to bowl

March 20, 2011

Claim your large San Fran dome!

Thanks to the generosity of Bunny and her Year of the Bunny-do, we did some serious eating and drinking on the tab last night. Darlinghurst’s Hunky Dory Social Club in the heart of Oxford St central is a buzzing narrow triple-decker terrace with a raw rooftop bar which I’m sure would be gorgeous on a clear night. Instead, we had tarpaulins for protection and the occasional splash from the evening’s downpour. Despite the miserable weather, there were definitely positives. A highlight was the finger food – beautifully toasted sourdough with a selection of salami and cheeses, bite-sized arancinis and delectable woodfired pizzas all served on paddles which made it fun to pass around. But the cherry was the bar tab which required a minimum spend, and due to bad-weather-no-shows, we were forced to spend it! The raspberry caprioskas were the winner, as were double shots of Laphroaig for the whiskey connoisseur. Thanks Bunny, you definitely know how to host a party. And I’m looking forward to seeing this bar in fine weather with a few less people.

This all made for a somewhat difficult morning at the bowling alley with the family. The combination of heavy bowling ball thuds, screaming kids, disco lights and loud music made me feel like the night had never left me.


One Response to “Shake 349: The wrong time to bowl”

  1. I wish I could claim this snow dome. I really want to go to San Francisco!!!

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