Shake 335: Beef bouquet

March 6, 2011

Roger & Judy, Vietnam, 2000?

We had but one mission: to find the secret to homemade Vietnamese beef noodle soup. And although we had a couple of small detours on the way, like snail and tomato noodle soup, pork and taro spring rolls and pandan cake, we found our treasure in the end. Vietnamese butchers sell bouquet garni for their beef noodle soups! Why has no one shared this insider’s tip with us before? So instead of finding all the individual herbs that make up this complex and rich soup which adds to the already long preparation time, it’s all in one little bouquet. We love Cabramatta. It’s a good drive away, but there are few places in Sydney where you feel like you’re in South-East Asia again! So many little laneways and hidden arcades bustling with shoppers and no matter where you stand, you’ll always be in someone’s way.

So hands up if you want to give the Hubs’ special soup a try? He says Vietnamese friends are not allowed unless you promise to be kind!

Pho bouquet garni

Vietnamese snail noodle soup

The pork and taro roll detour

A very badly iphone-graphed warm pandan waffle

The Hubs' obsession with any place that says it's 'The Best' - it did have my favourite dragonfruit though!


4 Responses to “Shake 335: Beef bouquet”

  1. Bean Says:

    I want in!!!!! And I’m sure Newfie is already drooling with anticipation too!

  2. Caesar Wong Says:

    Huh. What coincidence. I just saw these similar packets of Pho mix a couple of days ago at the Carlingford Chinese grocery, the only difference being that they were loose and not in their own little “tea bag” like your ones.

    In spite of that, I still didn’t particularly relish the thought of boiling the bones etc. to make the stock so I didn’t buy any 🙂

    Meanwhile, we’ve still got some packets of ready-made paste and cartons of beef stock – just add beef and noodles! Obviously we’re not foodies…

  3. I want to go to Cabra with you guys and I want in on the Hub’s special soup too!!! Sigh…sometimes I feel so far away.

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