Shake 334: Old Macarthur

March 5, 2011

Andie, Yvoire (France), May 2009

Thanks to our friends Anna-B and Gav, we took a drive an hour south today to visit a gorgeous State Heritage listed farm. Belgenny’s ironbark stables, blacksmith’s shop, shearer’s sheds erected in 1805 are still standing and a once well-used carriage sits waiting for another ride. It’s great to get out of Sydney once in a while to fresh air, open spaces and views of green hills and vineyards. But while the fresh air was helping clear away the fuzziness in my head from last night’s sake overdose, the Hubs was feeling a little worse for wear. Any chickens you ask? Of course! At least 20 of them. And the lovely lady hands you a dozen fresh eggs on your way out!


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