Shake 309: Saving our landfill, one snowdome at a time

February 8, 2011

Jade & Sitchie, Metéora (Greece), year?

Jade once told me that he’d bought THE BEST New York snowdome ever, and if I remember correctly, it was something like in the shape of an apple! Like most of us who have had at least something confiscated at the airport’s security screening, the little apple was ripped away from his hands and ultimately, my collection. Seriously, can you really create a liquid bomb from a snowdome?

So, what do you think happens to all these confiscated domes? Are they really destined for the trash heap? Maybe an Airport Snowdome Rescue Ops (ASRO) should be my next project. Sound crazy? YES. But it just might work. Stay tuned.


6 Responses to “Shake 309: Saving our landfill, one snowdome at a time”

  1. Emski Says:

    For future reference the US customs officials will allow you to go back through to check-in, stand at the END of the queue, to line up ALL OVER AGAIN and check the feckin little domes in to the baggage hold. AWESOME! No really, its worth the sacrifice to see Snowdomes little face light up when you arrive back from hols with the loot. Instead of the alternative …
    ps am I allowed to say “feckin” on this blog?

  2. Jade Says:

    I think the customs guy nabbed it for his own collection…his evil collection of confiscated domes!

  3. Jade Says:

    Oh, BTW, I think the year for the dome was 2004 🙂

  4. Caesar Says:

    As a result of the whole “Megatron” saga, I have it on fairly good authority that the customs disposal process is quite… um, leaky. The whole operation is run by the daughter of some business or political bigshot, it’s all very nepotistic or whatever the word is, and stuff has a habit of falling through the cracks (as long as it’s not ridiculously illegal).

    Good luck with the rescue op though. I’m thinking unless you have friends in high places (or low places) it’d be hard.

  5. […] a month ago, I mentioned an Airport Snowdome Rescue Operation (rescuing the multitude of domes confiscated at airport security scans). Although you may have […]

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