Shake 307: MSG

February 6, 2011

Jess, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Aug 2010

The drawcard for me to Ms. G’s was the ‘kimchi mayonnaise’ rather than the baby fried chicken it was being served up with. When a restaurant boasts ‘asian fusion’, it rarely ever includes Korean, so I was interested to see how well the kimchi would socialise with the banh mi rolls and the XO sauce. With Chinese New Year upon us, we popped into Merivale’s latest hip 5- level project ready to be impressed with the extravagant Hemmes charm. You put your name down at the level 3 entrance and then have to squeeze past diners and others who seem to be randomly climbing the stairs. Does anyone else think it’s strange to have the bar on level 5?

The thirsty Young’n had a crazy week so we dived directly into their paddle of 6 – delightful shochu-based fruity shots. These were followed by the Vietnamese steak tartare served with prawn crackers, the braised duck with XO sauce egg noodles, then pork belly on noodles in chilli broth and of course, the baby fried chicken with kimchi mayo. And that was it. Sadly, the mayo with a hint of kimchi was the extent of Korea’s representation on the menu. I can’t deny I was a little disappointed.

The thought of ‘packaged’ cocktails didn’t appeal (pre-made cocktails, shrink-wrapped and served in a plastic cup, much like those Asian bubble tea drinks), so we dived into the ‘unpackaged’. My oriental ‘Ocean’ Mary containing gherkins and seaweed wasn’t as fun as I’d envisaged, but my favourite drinking buddy Jess thoroughly enjoyed her Choya plum wine cobbler and the Young’n was impressed with the aloe vera concoction.

With a hip, grunge feel, the place is jam packed with equally hip young things, including celebrities. It’s a place for those with large wallets but small stomachs, and I’m not sure I fit into that category! Worth a visit, but maybe not on a heaving weekend… and maybe after having had a large lunch.

Ms. G's 6 shot paddle


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