Shake 297: Black cabs and black sheep

January 27, 2011

Glendalicious and RC, is this from you?

Barcelona (Spain), year?

Does anyone remember anything particularly special about cabs in Barcelona? I certainly can’t. There must be something in it though – it’s celebrated so beautifully in this dome. The chill was setting in when Lea and I were in Barcelona years ago. I was keen to get on the drink one night, so we rugged up in search of a bar called L’Ovella Negra on Emski’s recommendation. We wandered some dark, totally deserted back streets and had all but given up when we stumbled upon its front door. And when we opened these doors, it was like all of Barcelona was partying in this warm, hidden den!


One Response to “Shake 297: Black cabs and black sheep”

  1. Glendalicious Says:

    Yes I dare say it was from me and Raze, Oct 2008. Bought it from a dodgy indian dude in a little arcade in the backstreets of Barcelona. Was busting so I asked if they had a toilet. It was this tiny tiny closet that doubled as a cupboard for cleaning stuff like brooms altho it was sooooo disgustingly filthy. A lady gave me a dirty look as I came out coz it was reserved for shop owners, not customers.

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