Shake 283: Experimental

January 13, 2011

Shazi, Singapore, year?

How to describe the Sydney Festival’s ‘Ghost Opera and a Chinese Home’? WEIRD… but wonderful! I love things that challenge me, and I found myself trying to comprehend and make sense of what was going on during the entire performance. It began with a huge bowl of water, a cymbal and a violin bow. I never knew such sounds were possible. Three violins and one cello (the Kronos Quartet) accompanied by the very talented Wu Man on the pipa (an ancient Chinese lute-like instrument), and two experimental works. For a brief moment there was something so much like a Mozart minuet and then suddenly the cupping of cymbals, the clickety-clack of stones, rustling of paper and exclamations of ‘yao!’ here and there. Any lyrics were few and far between, but when Wu Man sang, you forgot to breathe. In the second half, there was a strangely harmonious blend of music and beautiful vintage Chinese footage. Highly recommended if you like anything out of the ordinary.

Wow, this has got to be the earliest I’ve ever posted!


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