Shake 276: Black, white and grey

January 6, 2011

J&C, Le Mont St-Michel (France), Sep 2010

Jen loved the detail

It’s really very interesting when you see your good friend choose a life partner that seems almost their polar opposite. Jen lives her life by emotion, musical moods and artistic atmospheres while keeping a safe distance from computers, sms’ing and email. Cyberseraphic on the other hand is scientific, seemingly structured and web-savvy – spreading his life and loves over 3 blogs. I think their two lives cross at the point of searching and finding beauty in literary and 35mm mediums. It’s indeed a beautiful crossroad. So their trip to Europe in September was well documented in linear and photographic form on Cyberseraphic’s blog while the moments were relived and waltzed across Jen’s memory.


2 Responses to “Shake 276: Black, white and grey”

  1. Caesar Says:

    Thanks for the very poetic ode to our relationship 🙂 Feel free to refer to me by name… per the most recent post on cyberseraphic, I have absolutely no qualms about my digital privacy, the irony being that you’ve called Jen by name (she being the private one) but not me 😛

    And “woohoo!” for our first contribution to make it on here!

  2. snowdomes Says:

    It cracked me up that using ‘Jen’ still left her virtually unknown, yet your name gives you away immediately!

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