Shake 274: S-Watch

January 4, 2011

Every snowdome collector has a special wish list. Whether these special domes are rare or old or fun, or all of the above, collectors are always on the lookout. Since my shelves are filled with more of a package combination of a dome plus experience, I’ve never had a ‘list’ but I have to admit, I’d been quietly keeping an eye out for ONE particular dome. Intrigued?

About a decade ago, I spotted a snowdome Swatch. Yes, Swatch had released a special watch in time for Christmas. For whatever reason, I didn’t purchase it (possibly being penniless at the time), and as much as I salivated at the store window, the opportunity passed me by (and remember, I don’t buy domes online). For 10 years, I think Mr Opportunity teased me by hiding every holiday season but fate finally brought us face to face today. I’m sure the sales lady thought I was totally insane with my mouth agape at the window.

I am SO PROUD to finally own this limited edition piece (one of 7,777)! Thanks Mr Snowdomes. This is the best gift EVER.

Now that my list of one is done, will I stop collecting? No way.

The unboxing...

The Christmas card-like box

Mr Snowdomes, Sydney (Australia), Jan 2011

What time is it? Time to ice skate!

...I suppose at some point you need to look at the time...

Now, back to my happy-dance!


5 Responses to “Shake 274: S-Watch”

  1. scrabble girl Says:

    Its beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Caesar Says:

    The gift had to be awesome to make up for the tardiness 🙂

  3. I love it! Why do I not have a snow dome Swatch on my wrist now??? My simple Swatches will never look the same again…

  4. […] watch… snowdome watch’ in my sleep! He tried to assure me that we’d already purchased a snowdome Swatch, but apparently my mumbling continued. Maybe a decade of searching has seared my psyche. Is it time […]

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